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Written by: Rob Duguay

Album Premiere & Preview: Gavage Unleash Debut LP Ahead of Providence Garage Fest

“With their first show being at a house party on New Year’s Eve back in 2012, Providence punk band Gavagehave come a long way in a short time. Their talents exude a vibe that’s reminiscent of vintage B-52’s and Gang Of Four, guaranteeing to start a party wherever they play. The fourpiece will be officially unveilingtheir long-awaited debut album, released dually via POP Records and 75orLess Records, on sexy hot pink vinyl during the first-annual Providence Garage Fest at AS220, which lands this Saturday. Taking their name from the French term to administer food or drugs by force, when you blast this bad boy through your record player, you’ll keep on wanting more.

Frontman Kevin Toth’s crazed style of storytelling on the mic sets the mood for each track. Christopher Fragale on guitar absolutely rips everything to pieces with his electrifying riffs and raw tones. Drummer David Simeone keeps everything at a feverish pace while John Hoder gives a jazzy vibe on bass. What makes the album something special has to be Downtown Boys’ saxophonist Adrienne Berry guesting on the entire record. Her immense skills on sax make the whole album seem as if it’s a soundtrack for a ’50s crime noir flick filled with endless action and intense car chase scenes.

The legendary Jay Berndt (who you might know from ’90s metal band Kilgore) produced the album at his studio Moto Destructo in Providence. You can tell that he wanted to capture Gavage’s rawness during the recording process. A fan favorite, “(Downtown) Where The Killers Are” is an ode to the danger that goes with being out at night. The song is bound to stick in your head for days once you give it a listen. Hoder starts the groove on bass in “Small Actors” and then the intensity gets raised when Berry joins in with her sax and Toth takes hold on vocals. The most energetic track is “Wheelwell”, from start to finish lyrically and musically it’s a perfect examination of the famous lifestyle of sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

The Providence Garage Fest is going to be one of the most insane times of the year in the Creative Capital, props to the “Shybluespaceman” John White for organizing such an extravaganza. Along with Gavage you also have Attleboro surf-punk dynamos Neutrinos, Middleboro fuzzheads Black Beach, Providence riff masters Party Pigs, Philadelphia psychedelic soul act St. James & The Apostles and many more. Also worth noting is that Friday night’s Providence Garage Fest Kick-off And Pizza Party at Dusk is sponsored by Caserta Pizzeria (which means: FREE PIZZA!!).

Get ready to have a blast, stream Gavage’s new album below, and indulge in all the details after you press “play.”

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Nominated Best Punk Act in 2015 Motif Music Awards.

Nominated Best Breakthrough Act in 2014 Motif Music Awards.


Originally published in Motif Magazine
Written by: Marc Clarkin

“Gavage’s songs are reminiscence of 1970’s punk in the vein of The Adverts, early Damned, and Rocket From The Tombs. Loud guitars, vocals with a snarl, and they even recently augmented sound by adding a saxophone. Gavage play out regularly around town, including an appearance at last year’s Rocktucket Festival. Gavage are currently working on their debut release, which they’re recording at the home studio of another nominee, Jay Berndt’s. I’m looking forward to hearing it as Gavage is definitely my pick for a band to check out in 2014.”

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Originally published in The Providence Phoenix
Written by: Chris Conti

“Gavage is a relative newcomer to the PVD music scene but the quartet is off to a hot start and caught my ears earlier this year at AS220 while opening for NYC’s Parquet Courts. “(Downtown) Where the Killers Are” is a power-chord party-starter, and lead singer Kevin Toth conjures the snark and chops of Craig Finn on the must-hear “The Platonic Verses” (“she was writing a poem entitled ‘Leave Me Alone’ with a Zoloft promotional pen”).”

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Written by: Rob Duguay, GoLocalProv Music Critic

“An interesting punk band from Providence, what I loved most about Gavage was their saxophonist’s improvisational skills. A whole lot of energy, Gavage were like a musical espresso shot that provided the necessary kick to start off the show. It was a short set but it only left me wanting more, the finale of “(Downtown) Where The Killers Are” ended their performance with conviction. Gavage will be playing next at E & O on Saturday in the west end of Providence in celebration of the bar’s birthday. Make sure you check that out and while you’re at it log on to the band’s website to download a bunch of their tracks for free.”

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